McGuire’s statement ….

The meeting began with a statement being read out by the chairman of the board Mr. Michael McGuire who said that there was no template for dealing with such a difficult situation. He said that there was an unbelievable media frenzy early last week after John Maughan had rang him at 9.30 pm on Monday night to tender his resignation.   Mr. McGuire said that John Maughan’s reasons for resigning were outlined in an interview with The Irish Times on Saturday last. He said that John Maughan said that he was subject to spectator abuse in Crossmaglen and in Kiltoom (the game against Westmeath) – however Mr. McGuire said that there was ‘no heave’ at Roscommon executive level against John Maughan.    Michael McGuire’s statement went on to acknowledge the good work done by John Maughan and his selectors and he also acknowledged that the management team had enjoyed the full respect of the Roscommon players. He wished all three men – John Maughan, Eamonn McManus and Gerry Fitzmaurice – well in the future.    He praised the role of Eamonn McManus and Gerry Fitzmaurice in particular, men who he said have been very supportive since the resignation. ‘They are two great Roscommon men and they have given so much to Roscommon and they will do so again. Their reputations have in no way been sullied in all this’ he said.   The statement finished by criticising the coverage that the matter had received in the national media, with Mr. McGuire saying that Roscommon fans were justifiably angry and hurt with the line taken. ‘We know that the vast majority of Roscommon supporters are loyal, decent and honourable’ he said. ‘There are a few who let themselves down and those people are not welcome at our games’ he added.    Michael McGuire thanked all the people who indicated that their continued support for the GAA in the county was unwavering and that included major sponsors and people who bought tables in the forthcoming fund-raiser in Punchestown.   The chairperson also thanked Paul Earley, Marty McDermott and Donal Casserly for stepping into the breach at team management level and he hoped that something more permanent would be put in place for the championship at least.   He concluded by wishing all the arms of the association well and said he was very hopeful for the future.