McGreal raises Castlerea bypass issue with Dempsey

The issue of a by-pass for Castlerea was raised with Transport Minister Noel Dempsey by Cllr. Michael McGreal recently, when he met the Minister as part of a deputation from the West Regional Authority. Other issues raised by the Fine Gael councillor included the upgrading of the N60 from Roscommon to Castlerea, the development of the Western Rail corridor and further funding for Knock international airport. Raising the issue of the N60 and the need for a by-pass of Castlerea. Councillor McGreal pointed out to the Minister and his officials present, that Transport 21 had very few proposals for national secondary roads and towns like Castlerea. Councillor McGreal stressed on the minister the need to ‘kick-start’ the Castlerea by-pass proposal. Minister Dempsey in reply, suggested that Roscommon County Council should make a special submission to the NRA and himself requesting funding for an initial route study. Councillor McGreal has now confirmed that this submission is now being prepared by Roscommon County Council and will be with the NRA and the minister within one month.