McGreal presses Minister on Castlerea bypass

Paul Hickey  Transport Minister Noel Dempsey is discussing the possibility of building a four-kilometre Castlerea bypass with his senior advisers.    Minister Dempsey received a submission from Roscommon County Council regarding the upgrading of the Roscommon-Castlerea N60 last week following a recent meeting with Cllr. Michael McGreal. Speaking to Roscommon People this week Cllr. McGreal explained that he made the case for a Castlerea bypass to Minister Dempsey in the course of a presentation on Western road requirements that he made to the Minister recently on behalf of the West Regional Authority. ‘At a recent meeting between the Transport Minister and a delegation of the West Regional Authority I made a presentation on road requirements in the West Region and emphasised the special case of Castlerea and the N60. ‘In his reply that day Minister Dempsey suggested that Roscommon County Council make a submission to his department. That has been done and he is considering the matter this week,’ said Cllr. McGreal. The submission, which was sent to the Minister for Transport on Tuesday 18th March, highlights the importance of providing a bypass in order to boost the economic and social development of the area. It outlines the deficiencies of the N60 from Castlerea to Roscommon and prioritises the bypassing of Castlerea. The submission also emphasises the need to widen 4.25 km stretch of the N60 between Lenebane Racecourse and Oran graveyard. ‘Castlerea’s town centre has suffered as a direct result of high volumes of traffic, including a number of Heavy Goods Vehicles on the main street, especially during peak times,’ says the submission to the Minister. ‘Problems with congestion are compounded by on-street car parking and a lack of loading facilities for service vehicles along the Main Street. The construction of the Castlerea bypass will reduce traffic congestion by minimising the amount of traffic in the town and will improve east west traffic flow. ‘The route is of significant importance both economically and socially to the County and the route alignment remains seriously deficient at a number of locations. Roscommon County Council seeks your support in advancing realignment schemes at a number of locations. ‘The provision of the infrastructure will be a catalyst to the development of the economic and sustainability of the respective towns and the creation of job opportunities for the community.’ Ms. Majella Hunt, Roscommon Director of Services for Roads and Transportation, signs the submission. Cllr. McGreal expressed ‘optimism’ that Minister Dempsey will ‘seriously consider’ Roscommon County Council’s submission.