McDermott warning on Covid cons! 

Cllr. Marty McDermott is advising the public that he has been made aware of the real prospect of con artists trying to take advantage of people during the Covid-19 emergency. 

  Cllr. McDermott said that it has been brought to his attention that, for example, people could be targeted by con artists when they are seeking Covid unemployment benefits. 

  “I want to warn people to be wary of this very real prospect. As we know, telephone scams are a familiar part of everyday life already. There is a risk now that con artists will try to take advantage of the current situation. 

  “If, for example, someone rings you up in relation to the Covid Unemployment Benefit Scheme, do not not give out personal information over the phone. I have been advised that a good technique here would be to ask the caller what your PPS No. is, or where you are employed. If they are genuinely working with the Department of Social Welfare, they will have that information”. 

  Cllr. McDermott said that there is a real risk that “opportunistic criminals” will try to profit from this crisis and he urged the public to be wary of any such scams. 

  Cllr. McDermott (Fianna Fáil) said that the Covid-19 pandemic is extremely challenging for people, but he was advising the public to remain calm, to stick to their usual routines and to follow all the HSE advice. 

  Cllr. McDermott also called on the Government to provide a special allowance/financial support or incentive for frontline workers in relation to their childcare costs. 

  “These people have to continue working, they also have to have their children looked after, so we need to be supportive of them at this time”. 

  He has also appealed to the people of Roscommon to continue to look out for the welfare of neighbours at this time, particularly the lonely, isolated, vulnerable and elderly.