McDermott wants more aid for SMEs

Cllr. Marty McDermott (Fianna Fáil) has called for maximum supports for SMEs and people who are working from home as part of the Government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Cllr. McDermott, who spoke on these issues at a recent Roscommon County Council meeting, said that it is essential that the new Government, when formed, moves to support small businesses to the maximum degree in this “unprecedented situation”.

Cllr. McDermott said that creative steps should be taken in relation to rates, VAT, etc. These major overheads should be “parked”, he said, at least until businesses which have had to close due to the pandemic “have their feet back on the ground”.

In relation to employees who are working at home now and into the future, Cllr. McDermott said that he has been lobbied by a number of people about inadequate broadband. He called for this problem to be urgently addressed.