McDermott reflects public’s shock, calls for An Post U-turn

Local politicians have expressed anger over An Post’s proposals to change its service in Roscommon town. The company has announced it intends to switch its existing post office service in the county town to a new ‘contractor-run post office’ model.

  That will mean the iconic Roscommon Post Office building at The Square closing down, with a new postmaster securing the contract and moving the service to another building. 

  With politicians receiving angry feedback from members of the public over the past 24 hours, it is inevitable that a campaign will now be mounted seeking to have this decision reversed. 

  Fianna Fáil councillor Marty McDermott has called on the Oireachtas members in Roscommon-Galway to seek an urgent meeting with the relevant Government Minister with a view to ensuring that the post office service remains in place in the existing building at The Square. 

  In a press statement, Cllr McDermott spoke of the shock felt in the community. 

  “I only heard this news myself on Friday morning. In fact I can confirm that neither I or any of my Fianna Fáil colleagues in Roscommon had any knowledge of this plan. This decision by An Post has hit Roscommon like a bolt of lightning. 

  “Ever since the news broke, I have been contacted by concerned members of the public who are angry, distressed and disappointed by what is proposed. 

  “It is simply unacceptable that An Post would propose to withdraw the existing service from its current prime location in the county town. 

  “There is no logic to changing something that is working so well. If you ask me, this looks like some young whizzkid who has no knowledge of the important role of Roscommon Post Office in our county town has made this decision. 

A landmark building familiar to generations of Roscommon families… an old photograph of Roscommon Post Office. Photo courtesy of Cllr Marty McDermott

 “The Roscommon Post Office building is a historic building, and a landmark one. The premises is a social hub in addition to the actual services it provides”. 

  Speaking to the Roscommon People on Saturday, Cllr McDermott said that people are “outraged”.   Demanding a response from local Oireachtas members, Cllr McDermott said that it is absolutely essential that this proposal is reviewed with immediate effect. 

*Independent councillor Anthony Waldron said that he is “shocked and angered” at the news and he pledged to oppose any move to change the existing service. 

  Cllr Waldon said that people are very upset by the news, including employees of An Post in Roscommon. 

  He added: “This post office building at The Square has been part of the fabric of the county town for decades. It is a historic building and one that not only provides vital services, but also doubles as a social outlet for the community. It is unthinkable that Roscommon Post Office would cease operations there”. 

  Cllr Waldon said that he will be raising his concerns with An Post management and with Oireachtas members.