Match at a glance

Man of the Match (Denis Gleenon, Westmeath):  Enda Kenny, Johnny Dunning and David O’Gara did their best for a Roscommon team that were beaten well before the finish. Westmeath had three excellent performers – Martin Flanagan, Dessie Dolan and Dennis Glennon. Glennon gets the nod for his hard-running and skillful display at full-forward and he was a thorn in the Roscommon side from the first minute to the time he was taken off with four minutes to go. Weather/crowd watch: It was quite a pleasant evening for a game and there was a big crowd – about 3000 – in attendance. However there was very little atmosphere as the game was woefully poor quality-wise and it was over as a contest a long time before the finish. As usual, the Kiltoom pitch was in pristine condition. Entertainment value: Very, very poor. This was as bad a game as this writer has seen in a long time and the quality of the football was very poor throughout. Dennis Glennon played ever so well for Westmeath and Dessie Dolan’s free-taking was a joy to watch but there was precious little good football for the crowd to see. Referee Watch: David Coldrick was an efficient referee and he actually tried to let the game flow when he could – but alas the standard was so poor that it simply didn’t happen. Wasn’t his fault though.