‘Massive’ response to vintage club’s Ukraine appeal

Mid-Roscommon Vintage Club has confirmed that there was a “massive response” to its humanitarian appeal for the Ukrainian people which took place on Saturday last at Kilbride Community Centre. 

  Members of the public donated a wide range of goods including clothes, food, beverages, toiletries, baby goods, and bottled water.

  By 5 pm last Saturday, a mountain of boxes had built up in the sorting room and when everything was sealed and labelled they were loaded into James Brennan’s van for transport to Roscommon town. 

  From Roscommon, the goods will be transported to Eastern Europe next week by Joe Fallon of PJ Fallon Transport. 

  A statement from Mid-Roscommon Vintage Club read: “We would like to thank all involved in the project; the volunteer workers who gave of their time at the centre, all the people who donated the goods and the people who are involved in the transport. 

  “We also thank the Kilbride Community Centre Committee for the use of their facility as a depot. We hope that our token contribution will help in some small way to relieve the suffering of the unfortunate civilians caught up in this barbaric war”.