Mart Reports – 6th May

Castlerea Mart Report

Sale on 28th of April last: There were 1000 cattle on offer and despite the recent downturn in the weather conditions demand remained strong for all classes of stock presented for sale.  

  Quality store cattle in particular recorded some fancy prices while the suck calves and breeding stock attracted improved prices. Heifers, dry cows and weanlings reported prices similar to the previous week.

Sample prices

Heifers: Lm 390kgs €1055 Lm 480kgs €1315 Ch 470kgs €1230 Si 450kgs €1175 Ch 570kgs €1515 Ch 550kgs €1395 Lm 580kgs €1485.

  Dry cows: AA 845kgs €1635 Ch 570kgs €1125 Lm 580kgs €1225 Lm 715kgs €1515 Lm 690kgs €1515.

  Cows with calves at foot made from €850 to €2480 for a Ch cow and ch bull calf at foot. Springers made from €850 to €1550 per head.

  Calves: Better quality lots presented for sale this week and this was reflected in the prices: AA bull €375 Hr hfr €310 Fr bull €120 Ch bull €390 Lm hfr €360.

  Weanling bulls: Lm 290kgs €1015 BBX 265kgs €980 Ch 285kgs €920 Ch 460kgs €1250 Ch 365kgs €1060.

  Weanling heifers: Ch 295kgs €940 Ch 270kgs €840 Ch 370kgs €1120 Si 360kgs €1055 Ch 420kgs €1095.

  The Moyside/Croghan Shorthorn Breeders Club recently held their annual Spring Sale of Pedigree and Non Pedigree Shorthorn Cattle here.

  43 lots were presented for sale. 26 lots were sold with an average price of €954 paid with a top price of €1400 paid for a maiden heifer.

Bullock Sale, Monday 25th April: 200 bullocks presented for sale with prices improved, especially for the smaller quality stores. Bullocks made from €400-€915 with their weight and an average of €684 over paid.

  Sample prices: Ch 480kgs €1345 Ch 540kgs €1450 Ch 570kgs €1485 Lm 635kgs €1550 Ch 665kgs €1475.

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday, 5th of May) with a sale of heifers, cows, calves and weanlings and also a clearance sale of 32 dairy stock. All sales commence at 11 am.


Roscommon Mart Report

Friday, April 29th: There was another good entry of excellent quality cattle on offer at last Friday’s Sale.

  There was a brisk trade for heifers, with improved prices from the previous week. The trade for bullocks was similar, with lesser quality lots more difficult to clear.

  There was an excellent trade for dry cows with a top quality Belgian Blue making €2500 (€2.43 per kilo). Bullocks’ prices averaged from €2.27 per kilo up to a maximum of €2.75 per kilo.

  Prices for heifers averaged from €2.41 per kilo up to a high of €3.05 per kilo. There was a good attendance of customers, with the majority of lots sold. 

  Sale as usual Friday next, May 6th – 30 pens of bullocks on offer, also heifers and dry cows. All stock must be penned by 10.30 am. Cattle not penned by this time will not be included in the draw. Special Sale of Bullocks on Friday, May 13th at 11 am.

  Dry cows made from €850 to €2500 per head. Sample prices – BB 1030 kgs €2500, BBX 850 kgs €1690, Char X 680 kgs €1450,

Lim X 755 kgs €1360, Lim 655 kgs €1300, AAX 745 kgs €1135, AAX 640 kgs €1125, BBX 515 kgs €900, Char X 745 kgs €1280, Lim 655 kgs €1300, BBX 495 kgs €1015.

  Heifers made from €505 to €1075 over. 

  Sample prices: Lim X 600 kgs €1635, SAX 525 kgs €1600, 2 Char X 580 kgs €1420, Lim 575 kgs €1400, Char X 525 kgs €1380, Lim X 465 kgs €1290, AAX 590 kgs €1260, AAX 490 kgs €1130, 2 AA X 470 kgs €1145, 2 AA 498 kgs €1220, Simm X 415 kgs €1005,

Simm X 370 kgs €875, Simm X 465 kgs €1150, 2 Simm X 507 kgs €1200.

  Bullocks made from €555 to €985 over.

  Sample prices: Lim X 715 kgs €1700, Char 710 kgs €1450, HEX 670 kgs €1390, Lim  545 kgs €1360, AAX 395 kgs €1030, Char X 365 kgs €920, Char X 430 kgs €1180, AAX 550 kgs €1250, AAX 395 kgs €1030, Char X 520 kgs €1300, Char X 490 kgs €1200.

Weanlings and suckler cows, Tuesday, 3rd of May: There was a good entry of weanlings and suckler cows on offer at this sale. The trade for weanling heifers was similar to the previous week, with a good clearance of lots. Prices for weanling heifers ranged from €2.54 per kilo up to €3.25 per kilo. There was a slightly easier trade for bull weanlings with average prices of €2.28 per kilo up to a high of €2.89 per kilo. Special Sale of Weanlings on Tuesday next, May 10th at 5 pm. Bookings accepted up 5 pm on Thursday, May 5th.

  Weanling heifers made from €395 to €675 over. Sample prices: Char X 415 kgs €1090, Char X 365 kgs €975, Char X 305 kgs €930, 3 Char X 200 kgs €650, 2 Lim X 320 kgs €765, 2 Char X 282 kgs €850, Lim X 295 kgs €805, Lim X 270 kgs €845.

  Weanling bulls made from €350 to €705 over. Sample prices – Lim X 545 kgs €1200, Char X 410 kgs €1115, AA 435 kgs 900, Lim X 310 kgs €800, Simm X 220 kgs €635 AAX 395 kgs €820, Simm X 430 kgs €930. Cows and calves at foot made from €1200 to €1400.

Sheep Sale, Wednesday, May 4th: There was a good entry of sheep on offer at this sale. There was a slight improvement in the average price for spring lambs, resulting in a full clearance of lots. There was a small number of hoggets on offer, with prices on par to last week. The trade for cast ewes was a little less, however all lots were sold. Once again this week there were good numbers of ewes with lambs at foots presented for sale. Ewes with two lambs at foot made up to €300, while ewes with single lambs at foot made up to €254. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs, cast ewes and ewes with lambs at foot.

  Sample prices – spring lambs: 47 kgs €122, 59 kgs €130, 42.30 kgs €113, 44 kgs €115, 41.70 kgs €113, ewe hoggets 57.75 kgs €123, 49.90 kgs €119, 49.40 kgs €122.50.

  Cast ewes made from €66 to €104 per lot. Ewes with twin lambs at foot made up to €300 per unit. Ewes with single lambs at foot made up to €254 per unit.

AGM of the Society

Notice is hereby given that the 57th Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at the Society’s registered offices, Circular Road, Roscommon on Thursday, May 19th 2016 at 9 pm.