Mart Reports – 4th March

Castlerea Mart Report

Increased numbers of stock presented this week and with improved weather conditions demand was strong for all classes of offer especially the quality lots with farmers and agents trying to source feeding stock.

  Bullocks, heifers and feeding cows sections reported lively trades while the suck calves and breeding stock reported good clearances.

  Sample prices – bullocks: Ch 485kgs €1305, Ch 450kgs €1205, Lm 530kgs €1370, Lm 560kgs €1410, Lm 610kgs €1380, Lm 710kgs €1470. 

  Heifers: Lim 405kgs €1055, Sim 415kgs €1295, Lm 450kgs €1295, Lim 470kgs €1215, Ch 550kgs €1360, Lm 550kgs €1355.

  Dry cows: Lim 740kgs €1400, Si 655kgs €1295, Ch 640kgs €1245, Fr 655kgs €980, Lm 635kgs €1230.

  Cows with calves at foot made from €1230 to €1900 per head. Springers made from €1170 to €1825 per head.

  Calves: Young dairy-type calves made from €55 to €120 per head Hr and Angus type made from €200 to €335 with continental making from €350 to €550 per head.

  Weanling bulls: Ch 240kgs €805, Ch 265kgs €860, Lim 280kgs €885, Ch 480kgs €1190, Lim 430kgs €1130. Weanling heifers: Ch 280kgs €900, Lm 360kgs €1035, Ch 305kgs €935, BBX 260kgs €800, Sh 270kgs €860. 

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart.