Mart Reports – 2nd September

Roscommon Mart Report

Cattle prices – Friday, August 26th: There were slightly increased numbers on offer this week. There was a steady trade for bullocks with no change in prices from last week. There was a slightly easier trade for heifers but the majority of lots were sold. The trade for dry cows was similar to the previous week. 

  Special sale of heifers tomorrow (Friday 2nd) at 11 am. 100 pens on offer – also bullocks and dry cows. Cattle must be penned by 10 am to be included in the draw. The fall/autumn special sale of bullocks will take place on Friday, September 9th and bookings are accepted up to 5 pm today (Thursday 1st). 

  Dry cows made from €870 to €1,280. Sample prices: Lim 710 kgs €1,280, AAX 720 kgs €1,205, Lim X 700 kgs €1,200, HEX 740 kgs €1,165, BBX 720 kgs €1,165, Simm X 645 kgs €1,035, Sh 680 kgs €975, HEX 450 kgs €870.

  Heifers made from €420 to €790 over. Sample prices: Char X 665 kgs €1,435, Char X 645 kgs €1,365, Simm X 630 kgs €1,320, Char X 575 kgs €1,320, BBX 505 kgs €1,170, BBX 440 kgs €1,120,Char X 395 kgs €970,

2 Char X 345 kgs €930.

  Bullocks made from € 495 to €790 over. Sample prices: Simm X 650 kgs €1,410, Char X 545 kgs €1,300, BAX 500 kgs €1,290, 3 Char X 486 kgs €1,235, AAX 585 kgs €1,180, BBX 460 kgs €1,120, Lim X 375 kgs €910, BBX 335 kgs €830.

  Breeding ewes – Saturday, August 27th: There was another large sale of top quality breeding stock on offer this week. There was an excellent trade for breeding ewes with prices well up on the previous week with a pen of 2 year old ewes fetching €192. Breeding hoggets were on a par with the previous week with a pen making €210.

  Sales for breeding sheep continue weekly on Saturdays at 11 am. Gates open at 8 am. Show and sale of pedigree vendeen rams on Saturday (3rd) at 1.30 pm.

  Hoggets ranged from €115 to €210 per head. 2-year-old ewes made from €130 to €192 per head. 3-year-old Ewes made from €110 to €150 per head

  Sheep sale – Wednesday, August 31st: There were smaller numbers on offer this week. There was a lively trade for heavy lambs. There was a good demand for light store lambs. There was a large number of ewe lambs present with a pen of ewe lambs making as high as €121. The trade for cast ewes was on a par with the previous week. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes.

  Please note that ewe lambs will be sold separately. Show and sale of lambs is on Wednesday, September 7th at 11 am.

  Sample prices – Mixed lambs: 51.50kgs €108, 51.60kgs €108, 48 kgs €107, 52.50kgs €106, 51.2 kgs €107, 51.3 kgs €102. 

  Store lambs: 44.70kgs €90, 37.80 kgs €80, 37 kgs €75, 34.5kgs €80, 36.80kgs €80.

  Ewe lambs: 50.80kgs €121, 48.40kgs €120, 49.80kgs €117, 54.70kgs €115, 44.70kgs €114, 48kgs €110, 43.1kgs €105, 47.10kgs €105, 49.2kgs €105, 50.30kgs €100. Cast ewes made from €50 to €115 per lot. 


Castlerea Mart Report

There were 680 cattle on offer this week. Quality store cattle were a very lively trade with good demand from feeders, agents and strong farmer activity this week. Bullocks and heifers recorded some very fancy prices on the day while increased number of weanlings are coming on offer due to ground conditions becoming an issue and quality lots were recording the best prices.

  Sample prices – bullocks: Ch 450kgs €1360 Ch 540kgs €1375 Lm 520kgs €1275 Ch 595kgs €1520 AA 580kgs €1375 Lm 625kgs €1635  Ch 660kgs €1640.  Heifers – Lm 400kgs €1070 Ch 370kgs €1050 Ch 495kgs €1290 Lm 475kgs €1190 BBX 620kgs €1495 ch 540kgs €1295. Dry cows: Lm 805kgs €1510 Lm 670kgs €1270 Ch 860kgs €1565 Sim 980kgs €1690 Ch 800kgs €1440.

  Cows with calves at foot made from €990-€1400 per head. Springers made from €880-€1230 per head. Young calves made from €140-€205 while the stronger type lots made up to €705 in the runner section.

  Weanling bulls: Ch 295kgs €980 Ch 260kgs €860 Ch 230kgs €800 Ch 640kgs €1490 Ch 350kgs €905. Weanling heifers: Ch 178kgs €655 Lm 285kgs €800 Ch 360kgs €1035 Ch 390kgs €1120.

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Thursday with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am, with three rings in operation.