Mart Reports – 26th August

Roscommon  Mart Report

Cattle prices – Friday, August 19th: With a good entry of stock on offer last Friday, there was a brisk trade for heifers with a very high clearance of lots. Average prices for heifers ranged from €2.31 per kilo up to €2.76 per kilo. The trade for bullocks was much the same as the previous week with the average price from €2.27 per kilo up to €2.94 per kilo and again the majority of lots were sold. There was an improvement for dry cows with prices up from the week before. Lots averaged from €1.79 per kilo up to €2.03 per kilo. Sales as usual Friday tomorrow (Friday) at 11 am. Special sale of heifers on Friday, September 2nd – Bookings accepted up to 5 pm today (Thursday). 

  Dry cows made from €1,095 up to €1,400 per lot. Sample prices: Char X 705 gs €1,400, Char X 680 kgs €1,380, Char 680 kgs €1,320, PTX 755 kgs €1,300, AAX 685 kgs €1,115, HEX 735 kgs €1,095.

  Heifers made from €420 to €760 over. Sample prices: Char X 600 kgs €1,300, Char X  520 kgs €1,280, Lim X 520 kgs €1,215, Char X 470 kgs €1,180, BBX 470 kgs €1,090, 2 Char X 407 kgs €1,000, Lim 375 kgs €1,000, 2 Char X 330 kgs €900, 3 Char X €900, 3 Char X 308 kgs €850.

  Bullocks made from € 475 to €805 over. Sample prices: HEX 715 kgs €1,390, Lim X 660 kgs €1,370, Lim X 565 kgs €1,370, Char X 550 kgs €1,280, 3 Lim X 568 kgs €1,265, Simm X 525 kgs €1,250, Char X 390 kgs €1,145, 2 Char X 380 kgs €1,025, BBX 490 kgs €1,200.

  Show and sale – Tuesday, August 23rd: There was a nice entry of stock on offer at last Tuesday’s sale. Prices for weanling bulls averaged from €2.22 per kilo up to €2.76 per kilo. Weanling heifers made from €2.58 per kilo up to €2.86 per kilo. Cows with calves made from €1,020 up to €1,330. There will be no sale for weanlings on Tuesday next (August 30th) Show and sale of weanlings on Tuesday, September 6th at 5pm. Details of classes on our website and Facebook pages. Entries accepted up to 5 pm on Thursday September 1st.

  Weanling heifers made from €300 to €440 over. Sample prices: Lim X 255 kgs €695, Lim X 245 kgs €675, Char X 260 kgs €640, Lim X 180 kgs €515.

  Weanling bulls made from €480 to €585 over. Sample prices: Lim X 490 kgs €950, Char X 470 kgs €940, Char X 340 kgs €925, Lim X 375 kgs €905, AAX 375 kgs €790, Lim X 290 kgs €740, Char X 275 kgs €760. Springing heifers made from €1,030 up to €1,330.

  Show and sale weanlings – autumn born calves. Prize winners – Tuesday, August 9th: ‘Best Weanling Bull’: 1st: Tommy Joe Maloney, Kiltevna, Dunmore, Co. Galway; 2nd: Thomas Flynn, Menlough, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway; 3rd: John Hegarty, Gortnadieve, Creggs, Co. Roscommon.

  ‘Best Weanling Heifer’: 1st: Joe Davis, Carraweeney, Williamstown, Co. Galway; 2nd: Tommy Joe Maloney, Kiltevna, Dunmore, Co. Galway; 3rd: Gerry Miley, Ballyglass, Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon.

  Sheep sale – Wednesday, August 24th: There were larger numbers on offer again this week. There was a slight dip in trade for heavy lambs, however there was a good demand for light store lambs and a large number of ewe lambs present with a pen of ewe lambs making as high as €127.

  The trade for cast ewes was on a par with the previous week. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes. Please note that ewe lambs will be sold separately. Show and sale of lambs is on Wednesday, September 7th at 11 am.

  Sample prices – Mixed lambs: 55kgs €108, 50.1 kgs €105, 50.20kgs €105, 44 kgs €103.50, 46.40kgs €102, 51.6kgs €102, 53.30 kgs €101, 49.10 kgs €100. Store lambs: 40.70 kgs €90, 41.60 kgs €89, 44.2kgs €88, 40.80kgs €85.50, 41.30kgs €85, 36.80kgs €83.50, 36.10 kgs €81, 38.70 kgs €78. Ewe lambs: 52kgs €127, 46.40kgs €110, 43.60kgs €110, 44.6kgs €105 46kgs €104, 44.30kgs €102.50, 50.5kgs €102, 47kgs €102, 45.80kgs €100.50, 43.90kgs €100, 42.90kgs €98, 46kgs €96, 40.90kgs €96.50. Cast ewes made from €40 to €112 per lot.

Castlerea  Mart Report

Sale, August 18th: 650 cattle on offer this week with demand for stock maintained this week. Quality store recorded the best prices on the day and the increased numbers of weanlings on offer met a lively trade also. Breeding stock and the dry cows reported good clearances with a good attendance of customers present.

  Sample prices – bullocks: Lm 495kgs €1,325, Ch 440kgs €1,180, Ch 540kgs €1,290, Lm 500kgs €1,220, Ch 590kgs €1,420, Lm 640kgs €1,510, Lm 680kgs €1,550.

  Heifers: Lm 425kgs €1,185, BBx 420kgs €1,060, Ch 450kgs €1,200, Ch 575kgs €1,460, Lm 520kgs €1,360, Ch 470kgs €1,205.

  Dry cows: Lm 580kgs €1,180, Lm 870kgs €1,595, Lm 725kgs €1,280, Fr 480kgs €665.

  Cows with calves at foot made from €1,250 to €1,890 for a BB cow and her Ch. heifer calf at foot. Springer cows made from €900 to €1,170.

  Calves: Smaller numbers on offer this week with lots making from €90 to €300 with stronger type lots making up to €570.

  Weanling bulls: Ch 260kgs €870, Lm 270kgs €850, Ch 240kgs €810, Ch 370kgs €1,160, Ch 420kgs €1,145.

  Weanling heifers: Lm 290kgs €800, Lim 240kgs €715, Lm 360kgs €1,115, Lm 375kgs €1,050, Lm 430kgs €1,205.

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (25th) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves and weanlings on offer. All sales commence at 11 am with three rings in operation. Please note as and from Monday, 5th September, bullock sales will resume on Mondays.