Mart Reports – 24th June

Roscommon Mart Report

Friday, June  17th: There were increased numbers on offer this week. There was no significant change in the trade for heifers. There was an improved trade for bullocks resulting in a very good clearance of lots. Prices for bullocks averaged from €2.46 per kilo up to €3.03 per kilo. There was a brisk trade for dry cows with prices ranging from €1.81 per kilo up to €2.03 per kilo. Cows with calves at foot fetched from €1,750 up to €1,830 per lot.

  Usual trade for bullocks, heifers, weanlings and dry cows on Friday next (June 10th) at 11 am. Please note that weanlings and suckler cows will be sold on Fridays until further notice. Anniversary sale for bullocks and heifers on Friday, July 8th. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm on Thursday, June 30th.

  Dry cows made from €1,160 up to €1,440 per lot. Sample prices: Char X 780 kgs €1,440, BBX 745 kgs €1,430, Fr 820 kgs €1,400, Lim 710 kgs €1,360,Lim X 730 kgs €1,325, Char X 665 kgs €1,200, Lim X 635 kgs €1,290.

  Heifers made from €405 to €785 over. Sample prices: Char X 635 kgs €1,380, Char X 525 kgs €1,310, Char X 490 kgs €1,245, BBX 490 kgs €1,190, 2 Char X 440 kgs €1,090, HEX 515 kgs €1,050, Lim x 335 kgs €1,000,

2 Char X 320 kgs €920, BAX 355 kgs €910, Char X 325 kgs 930.

  Bullocks made from €405 to €855 over. Sample prices: Char X 760 kgs €1,530, Char X 645 kgs €1,500, Char X 500 kgs €1315, LimX 485 kgs €1,215,Lim X 475 kgs €1,190, Char X 425 kgs €1,175, Char X 410 kgs €1,100, Char X 385 kgs €1,095, Lim X 310 kgs €940, AUX 250 kgs €730, AAX 300 kgs €700, AUX 345 kgs €850.

  Sheep sale – Wednesday, June 22nd: There were slighter smaller numbers on offer this week. The trade was steady for lambs with prices slightly up on last week resulting in a full clearance of lots. There was an improvement in the trade for cast ewes. Ewes with twin lambs at foot made up to €250 per lot while ewes with singles made up to €185 per lot. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs, cast ewes and ewes with lambs at foot.

  Sample prices – Spring lambs: 43.30 kgs €97, 41 kgs €85, 48.30 kgs €103, 48 kgs €106, 39.70 kgs €87, 47.30 kgs €105, 45.90 kgs €104.50, 53 kgs €110. Cast ewes made from €75 to €117 per lot, ewes with twin lambs at foot made up to €250 per unit and ewes with single lambs at foot made up to €185 per unit.

Castlerea Mart Report

June 16th: 600 cattle on offer with trade remaining strong, especially for quality stores. Plainer-type stock has noticed a slight decrease in price, while breeding stock and calves reported excellent clearances. Heifers, heifer weanlings and lighter bull weanlings were the best sellers on the day.

  Sample prices – bullocks: Ch 490kgs €1265, Lim 495kgs €1200, Ch 540kgs €1385, Ch 505kgs €1230, Ch 560kgs €1555, AA 620kgs €1390, Ch 660kgs €1530.

  Heifers: Ch 415kgs €1115, Lim 390kgs €1110, Ch 395kgs €1090, Lim 480kgs €1250, Lim 530kgs €1390, Ch 645kgs €1490.

  Dry cows: Lim 820kgs €1680, BBX 690kgs €1550, Ch 715kgs €1435, Lim 665kgs €1430, Lim 490kgs €975.

  Cows with calves at foot made from €1250 to €1920 for a Simmental cow and her Lim bull calf at foot. Springers cows made from €1000 to €1500 per head.

  Calves: Good numbers on offer with prices holding firm. Calves on offer ranged in price from €185 to €500 for Continentals.

  Weanling bulls: Ch 275kgs €920, Lim 275kgs €785, Ch 335kgs €1050, Ch 355kgs €1060, Ch 330kgs €995.

  Weanling heifers: Ch 270kgs €825, Ch 355kgs €1020, Ch 300kgs €925, Ch 260kgs €820.

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on today (June 23rd) with a sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am, with three rings in operation.