Mart Reports – 20th January

Roscommon Mart Report

Tuesday, January 17th: There was a nice entry of stock at the first sale of year. There was a brisk trade for all classes with prices improved from the sale held pre-Christmas. Prices for heifer weanlings ranged from an average of €2.71 per kilo up to €3.30 per kilo. Prices for bull weanlings averaged from €2.43 per kilo up to €3.03 per kilo. The next sale for weanlings and suckler cows will be held on Tuesday, January 31st at 5 pm.

There is a Special Sale for Springers and Suckler Cows on Saturday, January 28th. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm today.

  Weanling heifers made from €310 up to €615 over. Sample prices: Char X 300kgs €915, Lim X 265kgs €875, Char X 325kgs €830

Char 270kgs €800, Lim 270kgs €745, Char X 245kgs €700, Char X 230kgs

€675, Lim X 225kgs €670.

  Weanling bulls made from €330 to €605 over. Sample prices: Lim X 525kgs €1115, Lim X 445kgs €1020, Char X 380kgs €970,

Lim X 355kgs €960, AA 380kgs €940, Lim 290kgs €865, Lim X 295kgs €810, Char X 250kgs €700, Char X 200kgs €605.

  Sheep Sale – Wednesday, January 18th: We had a small entry of hoggets again this week. There was similar trade for the finished hoggets with hoggets making as high as €105. The trade for cast ewes was back on the previous week. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes.

  Sample prices – Hoggets: 53.9kgs €105, 51.3kgs €105, 55kgs €105, 53kgs €105, 55.3kgs €102, 46kgs €100, 50kgs €100, 47kgs €95, 46.8kgs €97. Cast ewes made from €81 to €89 per lot. Ewes with single lambs at foot made from €135 to €167 per lot.

Castlerea Mart Report

There were 250 cattle on offer at our first sale of 2017. Trade was similar to pre-Christmas with good demand for all classes of stock on offer. Quality stores were in strong demand and the top quality weanling heifer was also improved in prices while the first of the suck calves met a very lively trade with continentals making up to €525. The dry cows and breeding stock also reported a firm trade resulting in an excellent clearance.

  Sample prices – bullocks: Ch 450kgs €1075, Lm 470kgs €1070, Lm 535kgs €1280, Lm 515kgs €1140, Lm 590kgs €1330, Lm 560kgs €1225.

  Heifers: Sim 420kgs €1180, Ch 485kgs €1190, BBX 455kgs €1150, Ch 450kgs €1080, Ch 565kgs €1300, Ch 530kgs €1235.

  Dry cows: Lm 690kgs €1275, Lm 560kgs €1125, Ch 840kgs €1490, Her 720kgs €1145. Cows with calves at foot made from €1110 to €1600 per head. Springer cows made from €1000 to €1465 per head. Calves made from €52 to €525 for continental type lots.

  Weanling heifers: Ch 280kgs €870, AA 290kgs €755, Lm 380kgs €1025, Lm 340kgs €940, Lmx 330kgs  €935. Weanling bulls: Lm 280kgs €800, Lm 270kgs €775, BBx 450kgs €1230, BB 395kgs €1170, Ch 380kgs €1075, Ch 320kgs €925.

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Thursday next (January 19th) with a sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves and weanlings.