Mart Reports – 12th February 2016

Castlerea Mart

470 cattle on offer this week and a good trade prevailed for most categories of stock on offer. Bigger numbers of bullocks presented this week and with good quality store lots on offer an excellent clearance took place.

  Heifers, dry cows, and breeding stock reported prices similar to previous weeks while in the weanling rings there was an increased farmer activity noticeable this week, resulting in improved prices.

  Sample prices – bullocks: Lim 460kgs €1155, Lim 435kgs €1130, AAX 540kgs €1200, Lmx 580kgs €1300, Chx 590kgs €1320, Lm 620kgs €1280. Heifers: BBX 410kgs €1135, Lmx 425kgs €1100, Sim 395kgs €980, Chx 450kgs €1115, Lm 535kgs €1360, Ch 510kgs €1295. Dry cows: BBX 810kgs €1680, Lm 580kgs €1000, Ch 690kgs €1390, Lim 740kgs €1285, Sim 690kgs €1370.

  Cows with calves at foot made from €1310 to €1520 per head. Springer cows made from €840 to €1710 per head.

  Calves: Dairy-type calves made from €150 to €215 per head, Lm bull €350 AA bull €340.

  Weanling bulls: Lim 295kgs €840, AA 280kgs €745, Chx 340kgs €1100, Chx 435kgs €1125, BBx 360kgs €1000. Weanling heifers: Ch 270kgs €830, Lmx 290kgs €800, BBx 350kgs €1155, Ch 330kgs €945, Lm 410kgs €1070.

  Sales continue at Castlerea Mart.

Roscommon Mart

Friday, February 5th: Numbers on offer were slightly back this week. The trade for the heifers was on par to the previous week. There were good number of dry cows on offer with a firm trade and full clearance of lots. Bullock numbers were in short supply.

  Sales continue weekly on Fridays at 11 am for bullocks, heifers and dry cows. Special sale of bullocks on Friday, February 12th at 11 am. Special spring sale of heifers on Friday, February 19th. Bookings by phone 090 6626352  email or calling to the office. Special sale of weanlings Tuesday, February 16th at 5 pm.

  Dry cows made from €820 to €1465 per head.

Sample prices: Simm X 895 kgs €1465, Lim X 815 kgs €1390, Lim X 730 kgs €1330, Char 725 kgs €1265, Simm X 650 kgs €1175, BBX 615 kgs €1030, FRX 725 kgs €965, Fr 665 kgs €955, AAX 620 kgs €925.

  Heifers made from €520 to €615 over. Sample prices: Simm X 525 kgs €1140, AAX 480 kgs €1030, Char X 405 kgs €980, Char X 340 kgs €935, Char X 380 kgs €900.

  Sheep sale, Wednesday, February 10th: There was a smaller number of sheep on offer this week.  There was a steady trade for hoggets with a full clearance of lots.  

  There was an easier trade for cast ewe. There was a large entry of in-lamb ewes with all lots sold. Sheep sales continue weekly on Wednesdays at 11 am. Yard opens at 8.30 am. Sheep scanning service every Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am.

  Sample prices – Ewe hoggets: 60 kgs €130, 57 kgs €130, 48.3 kgs €129, 38.27 kgs €95, 56 kgs €1120.

  Mixed hoggets: 60.3 kgs €130, 55.2 kgs €120, 44 kgs €100.50, 54.2 kgs €129, 43.66 kgs €90. Cast ewes made from €62.50 to €120 per lot. Ewe with single lamb at foot made up to €200 per unit. Ewe with twin lambs at foot made up to €250 per unit. In lamb ewes made from €175 to €192.