Mart Report

  CASTLEREA There were 500 cattle on offer, a big increase in numbers on the previous week and from the corresponding week last year. The quality on offer in general was very good and this was reflected in prices. In general, the tone of the trade was that it was improved all rouind and it must be said that plainer lots were harder sold, even at reduced prices. Bullocks made from €300 to €400 over their weight for heavy lots, with lighter lots making from €290 to €350 with their weight, with a few choice lots making up to €400 over. Again the heifer trade is holding very strong, with some choice prices making from €300 to €400 over the weight with Belgium Blues making up to €600 over the weight. Weanling bulls suitable for export were showing some improvement, making from €300 to €380 with their weight. Northern customers have started to show a bit of interest and export certificates are important. Belgian Blue weanling heifers were making from €400 to €600 with the weight. Bigger numbers of cows with calves at foot making from €1,200 to €1,700 for quality lots. Plainer lots made from €800 to €1,000. Dry cows were in keen demand.   MOUNTBELLEW Cattle: Larger entry of cattle to previous week, increased demand for quality lots on offer. Bullocks/bull weanlings: Ch bullock ’05, 480 kg, €755, Lim. bullock ’05, 500 kgs, €810, Hereford bullock ’06, 400 kgs €665, Lim bull weanling ’06, 335 kgs, €645, Char bull weanling ’06, 310 kgs, €675, two Lim bull weanlings ’07, 310 kgs €575. Heifers/ heifer weanlings: Aberdeen Angus heifer ’06, 355 kgs, €580, Char heifer ’05, 550 kgs €835, two Ch heifers ’06, 410 kgs, €665, two Hereford heifers ’06, 415 kgs, €640, Ch heifer weanling ’07, 210 kgs €465, Lim heifer weanling ’07, 230 kgs €485. Sheep: Smaller number of sheep on offer to previous week, easier trade for lambs and stag ewes. Increased demand for ewe hogget’s and breeding ewes. Lambs: 18 at 55 kgs €82.50, 21 at 45 kgs €73, 12 at 42 kgs €65, 19 at 48 kgs €75.50, eight at 53 kgs €80. Stag ewes: Slightly easier trade. Prices ranged from €50 to €64.50. Breeding ewes: Hogget ewes ranged in price from €85 to €117, first crop ewes ranged in price from €75 to €98, second crop ewes ranged in price from €65 to €92, third crop ewes ranged in price from €50 to €67.50.