Managers happy with second chance

A relieved Athleague team manager David Kelly said that he was glad that his side had another chance. ‘It was a mighty struggle out there and we are glad to have another chance. After conceding the soft goal we were under pressure and it gave Pearses a lift. We had to battle hard for the draw’ he said.    ‘It was a tough, physical game and we are just glad to be still in it. We will be ready for the replay and we feel that we can play better than we did today. It will be all guns blazing for next Sunday’ he concluded.    Padraig Pearses manager John Donoghue was philosophical after the game. ‘It probably wasn’t a great game but it was tough and physical and very tight all through. We feel we could have won in in the final five or ten minutes. We had two good goal chances and we rushed it. Players were over-anxious and got in eachother’s way and it was costly to miss those chances’ he said.    ‘That having been said we were lucky to get the last free to draw the game and we are still in it and that’s what matters’ he said.    I asked him to comment on the controversial point from Gary Fallon in injury-time. Did he think it was wide? He smiled ruefully and said ‘the umpire gave it. It doesn’t matter what I think. It’s over now and we have to concentrate on the replay.’