Management at Jack’s: ‘We opened doors to avoid stampede’ 

‘Unfounded rumours led to panic’ 

The well-known venue which hosted Friday night’s youth disco in Roscommon Town has defended its response to the panic that arose during the event.

The ‘JTE Management Team’ – which has been hosting teen events for over ten years – says the disco was “staffed efficiently”.

They say the doors were opened earlier than usual due to panic amongst patrons, and in order to “avoid a stampede and potential danger to… attendees”. Nobody was injured during this process.

The youth disco began in Jack’s Live Venue in Roscommon at around 8 pm on Friday night. Shortly before 10 pm, amidst growing panic, large numbers of those attending made it known that they wanted to exit the premises. This followed rumours about an ‘incident’ or ‘incidents’ having happened in the venue. Gardai in Roscommon have since said that there was no serious incident and that rumours which have been circulating since Friday night are unfounded.

The organisers of the event say that the spread of “unfounded rumours” led to unnecessary panic. They add that a thorough investigation by Gardai found no evidence of the claims that had been circulating. JTE management says it is dedicated to uncovering the source of the rumours and is committed to take steps to preventing such incidents in the future.

Nobody who injured during the event. The disco continued for a brief period after most patrons had exited the premises. Since the event ended, many rumours have circulated on social media. In issuing a detailed statement on Saturday evening, management (JTE Management Team) say they are addressing the concerns that have been raised and clarifying precisely what happened and how they responded.

JTE Management says they deeply empathise with those who felt anxious due to the rumours and they extend their gratitude to everyone for their cooperation on the night, which helped ensure that the “situation was resolved safely”.

The following is the full statement issued by JTE Management Team:

To Our Jacks Teen Evolution Community,

We at JTE wish to address the concerns stemming from last night’s event. The spread of unfounded rumours led to unnecessary panic.

The event was sold out and staffed efficiently but, amid this panic to avoid a stampede and potential dangers to the attendees, we opened our doors to ensure a safe exit for those who wished to leave at that time.

We promptly contacted An Garda Siochána who thoroughly investigated all of the video footage and carried out a detailed search of the property and found no evidence of these claims whatsoever and nobody was injured.

We deeply empathise with those who felt anxious due to these rumours. Our gratitude goes out to everyone for their cooperation, ensuring the situation was resolved safely.

Please know, we are not taking this matter lightly. We are dedicated to uncovering the source of these rumours and are committed to taking steps to prevent such incidents in the future.

Before the unwarranted rumours caused distress we were heartened by the brilliant atmosphere and camaraderie among the friendly and fun crowd who joined us. JTE has been running teen events for over 10 years and has always been about creating a safe and enjoyable experience and environment for everyone and we will continue to do so.

Kind Regards,

JTE Management Team