Mammies…Cinderella didn’t have a ‘to do’ list as long as you!



As mothers, we all have certain stand-out memories in our lives. Personally I have many, but the three that loom large are the days both my daughters and my granddaughter were born.

  You see, I’m a typical Irish mammy, I’d gladly, without a split second’s hesitation, place my life on the line for my kids. I’d imagine most (if not all) Roscommon mammies would do the same because we’re all members of a club made up of kindred spirits; sharing the joys (and pains) of childbirth, the pride of the school plays, the ‘yuks’ of the snotty noses and the ‘aaahs’ of the grazed knees and elbows; the treasured hand-made cards, and the investigation into first boyfriends…just me? Okay. 

  Then of course, there’s the deep pleasure of seeing our precious children safely into adulthood; and, if you’re like me, you’re probably desperately clinging onto the innocent little girl/boy they used to be as you forge a new connection with the grown-up they’ve now become.

  And so this Sunday, instead of wondering how your darling son/daughter/grandchild is going to celebrate you, their mammy/nana who adores them, why not ask yourself this question…how am I going to celebrate me? I’ll tell you…get out to the shops and treat yourself to a gift!

  Look, you’ve spent a lifetime looking after those kids without even getting as much as ten minutes to yourself. Dear God, Cinderella didn’t have a ‘to do’ list as long as you! Ask yourself this…did Cinders ever have to pee with a kid standing beside her? No! So…don’t you think you deserve a little something?

  Now I’m not just talking to biological mothers here, I’m talking to anyone who is ‘mothering’ in some way to (just this one Sunday), recognise your worth and place yourself first.

  What’s your guilty pleasure? It could be shopping for shoes or finally owning a set of matching underwear. It could be investing in a designer handbag or going to the movies. It could be time to get that snaggle tooth sorted with a set of braces, or even treat the aul gnashers to a polish. It could be breaking out the ‘good’ towels and soaking in the bath or having your lashes and brows tinted…throw in the nails while you’re at it!  It might be scoffing the last scoop of ice cream instead of trying to divide it into six pieces for the family. The choice is yours Mammy!

  Look sweetheart, you’ve been loving, healing, hoping and hugging all your adult life; you’ve been pushing that garden swing and now, this Sunday; your Sunday, just for once, give yourself permission to enter that playground and take a sumptuous whirl on the merry-go-round! G’wan, you deserve it.