Mama Mia…here we go again



We know it can be difficult to choose a gift for the woman who has everything…I mean, she has you for a son/daughter doesn’t she, so you’d think her life would be complete. Think again! Last year on Mother’s Day, my own daughter actually informed me that the best gift she could give me was the fact that she, herself, had turned out to be so awesome due to my parenting skills that she didn’t need to get me anything! (In fairness she is, and so is her older sister, but I’m biased). Then the pair presented me with an actual present…whew!

  However, whether that special Mother or Mother figure in your life is a lady who likes to wine and dine, is a jet-setting, trend-setting dedicated follower of fashion or whether she’s someone who could do with a bit of pampering, the fact is, you need to put some thought into her present to make sure you show her just how much you love and appreciate her. And, if you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got some pressie inspo just for you.


Here are our top ten!

Put a decent deposit on a holiday for d’mammy:  Perhaps a wine tasting weekend in Tuscany…Mmmm, I want that. Or what about Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance; now that particular one is on my bucket list if my girls are reading this!

Signature sunnies: Mammy may think she’s a radical dudette, but if you want to add a touch of style and inject a classic sense of cool into the woman who gave you life, why not get her some designer sunnies for that mini-break you’ve just booked for her.

Gym Membership/Personal Trainer: Yes, she made a New Year’s resolution to get fit but she hasn’t actually joined that gym so surprise her with a year’s membership and encourage her to get into shape for running around after the grandkids, or indeed, for walking through those romantic Italian streets.

Signature Scent: We all love our ‘go to’ perfumes, but perhaps mammy has been smelling of the same scent forever; and, while you love it, and it reminds you of your childhood, now that you’re earning a crust maybe it’s time to treat her to a more sophisticated scent. 

Just the two of us: Take her out on a dinner date and reconnect with dear, darling mum. What could be nicer?

Say it with gold: We all love a bauble or two, so jewellery should be high on your list this year and sure what Roscommon mammy doesn’t love getting an intimate and personal gift of a gemstone or three?

Put the focus back on the woman who spends all her time focusing on you: Get mammy a new mobile phone and prepare her for some scheduled pampering by adding some spa days into her planner.

A designer handbag or cute clutch: Free her from her Maggie Thatcher (esque) monstrosity of a handbag and treat her to a designer number that’ll help her to elegantly corral her perfumes and potions in style.

Tickets to a show: Every mother loves a good aul syrupy musical, a dramatic play or a belly laugh-out-loud comedy show, so get a pair of tickets and bring the woman out for the day; we guarantee you she’ll be great craic!

Make her a Memory Frame: If you’re on a budget, you could opt for something creative and thoughtful like buying a nice big frame and putting together a selection of pictures of you and mammy down through the years. Customise it by adding some butterflies or angels or dried flowers, etc., or even some crystals and present it to Mammy with a nice bottle of her favourite tipple.