‘Make Way Day 2022’ launched

Make Way Day 2022, which occurs on Friday, September 30th this year, was officially launched in Gleeson’s, Roscommon yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) in a bid to raise awareness around the needs of people with disabilities in public spaces.

The campaign is led by the Disability Federation of Ireland and run in County Roscommon by the Roscommon Access Group which was established by Roscommon LEADER Partnership.

Campaigners have highlighted a ‘Terrible Top Three’ of obstacles which can impede those with disabilities on footpaths and in public areas. Cars parked on footpaths, illegally parked bicycles and bins left on footpaths are just some of the hazards faced by those with disabilities on a daily basis.

Addressing yesterday’s launch, Ciaran Mullooly of Roscommon LEADER Partnership SICAP, encouraged those present to share photographs and videos on September 30th to highlight some of the obstacles they face.

Mr. Mullooly said the campaign would help to focus minds and raise awareness as to the difficulties those with disabilities face in public areas.

Alice Naughton highlighted the need to keep pavements clear for those with prams and buggies and said some families were forced out onto the road due to careless parking.

Addressing the issue of delivery vehicles parking on footpaths, Tommy Beirne said delivery men in Roscommon town were hindered by a lack of loading bays and that on-street parking spaces should be kept for those with disabilities or mobility issues.

Mary Gleeson, meanwhile, told the meeting that parking spaces in the new-look town Square were not clearly marked and this had led to some cars encroaching on footpaths.

Cllr. Tony Waldron said that he had raised the issue of loading bays in Roscommon town with the local authority.

“Make Way Day is a great way of raising awareness but there must be a follow-up,” he said. “We have issues we need to address so a regular progress report is needed on an ongoing basis. Every day should be Make Way Day”. More in forthcoming issues.