Major focus on the needs of Boyle area

  The   Family Life Centre in Boyle is currently conducting a needs analysis of the main issues facing people living and working in the Boyle area, with a view to including these issues in their 3 year workplan to be completed by the end of March 2007.?    The Centre is looking for your views, your ideas, what you think are the main issues and what can be done about them.?To ensure that your input is included you can contact the Centre at 071-9663000,  you can e-mail , or call in and chat to some one at the Centre.?    You can also call in to the Centre and complete a questionnaire, or one   can be   sent out to you. The Family Life Centre in Boyle is 20 years old this year, that is 20 years of supporting families and building the community but new input is needed, fresh ideas, new views and your help to continue meeting the ever-changing needs of people in the community.