Macra welcome dairy changes

Following a recent meeting with the milk quota review group, Dara Kavanagh Macra na Feirme’s Chairperson of the Agricultural Affairs Sub-committee welcomed the proposals for changes to dairy partnerships, which he believes will facilitate the expansion of milk partnerships to allow non traditional new entrants and non-dairy farmers to enter milk partnerships, saying ‘it is a positive step forward for the industry’. Mr. Kavanagh added, ‘Macra has persistently lobbied for the creation of new partnership arrangements to attract new blood into the industry’. The proposed changes will firstly, facilitate the expansion of the existing New Entrant Parent Partnership to allow more that one new entrant in a household to enter the partnership and acquire milk quota in their own right. Other proposed changes to the regulation would allow Farm Managers and new entrants to farming who have completed their agricultural education but have no land or access to quota to form a partnership with an existing dairy farmer and gain access to quota in their own right.