Macra delegation meets with Commissioner McGuinness

A delegation from Macra met with Commissioner Mairead McGuinness yesterday (Wednesday) in Brussels on a number of issues affecting young farmers.

The meeting, facilitated by MEP Colm Markey, saw a delegation led by Macra President John Keane and up to 30 representatives from across the country who will spend three days in Brussels meeting with public representatives.

The Macra delegation discussed issues such as financing the Green Deal, increased financial support for young farmers, future animal transportation, the Carbon Farming Framework, financial support for SMEs and rising interest rates.

Macra President John Keane said: “The Macra delegation is in Brussels at a poignant time for young people across the EU. The challenges for young people across all sectors are increasing. Our Macra members have concerns ranging from climate change, farming for the future to the future of rural areas.

“Thanks to MEP Markey our members have the opportunity to engage directly with policy makers and those making decisions for the future of Europe’s youth”.