Lunchtime at Enfield NS to get even more interesting!

Lunchtime is set to get even more exciting for pupils at Enfield NS, as the school recently received €3,000 from the AIB Better Ireland Programme for the Lunch Club Programme of extra curricular activities. The money will be used to buy musical instruments, arts and crafts materials, sports equipment and drama equipment for the lunch club.  Enfield National School is one of the smallest rural schools in Ireland, with just 14 pupils at present.  The nearest village is 3 miles away, and it is 10 miles to the town of Castlerea.  Extra-curricular activities are not generally available in the area, so the school introduced the Lunch Club to improve opportunities for pupils and make school more interesting and enjoyable for the children generally. John Brennan, Principal, Enfield National School, said, "With the support from the AIB Better Ireland Programme we will be able to greatly enhance the conditions and daily school life of the children at Enfield National School by introducing quality extra-curricular activities for the Lunch Club. We hope that these will increase the children’s motivation and enthusiasm for school." Liam Byrne, Branch Manager, AIB Castlerea, commented: "The Enfield National School Lunch Club is a very worthwhile cause that aims to provide an excellent service to local children, including those affected by rural disadvantage. To date, the AIB Better Ireland Programme has donated almost €50,000 to eight projects in Co. Roscommon. We are delighted to make a contribution to this valuable project in the Castlerea area." Overall, across the country, almost €15 million has been donated to nearly 1,600 children’s projects through the AIB Better Ireland Programme since 2001. If you or someone you know is involved in a local charity or community group dealing with disadvantaged children, you can apply for AIB Better Ireland Programme funding by dropping into your local AIB Branch or simply log on to