Loughglynn player profiles

Jason Horan: Goalkeeper Jason recently went nine game in a row without conceding a goal and he is one of the top keepers in the league.  Shane Coleman: Valued number two goalkeeper with the club. Eddie McDonnell: Operates on the right side of midfield. Justin Coleman: Justin plays right side in midfield and is a real ball winner for the team.  Joey O’Flanagan: Striker who could make an impact on Saturday.  Mark O’Brien: One of the fastest strikers in the league, Mark has scored 31 goals this season.  Declan Flanagan: Declan is a solid defender and good in the air.  Daniel Morris: Daniel is at the heart of the United defence. Michael Creaton: Plays in midfield.   Donal Ward: Donal can shoot and make the telling pass. Can makes the team tick, and has scored 27 goals this season.  Shane McDonnell: Plays in midfield and is an important figure in that area.  Nigel Keenan: Nigel is a solid defender for Loughglynn.  Crippy Dunne: Crippy can play as a midfielder or as a striker. Tony Coleman: Tony is the club captain and plays as the sweeper. Has already picked up the league title this season. Chris Collins: Plays in midfield and is a key operator.  Ronan Ward: Ronan is a defender of considerable ability.  Derek Conway: Derek plays in midfield and is ‘Mister Consistency’ and always gives 100% in all games.  Sean McDonnell: Sean is a promising defender. Carl Morris: Another striker with a knack of scoring goals. Noel Deane: Defender who is a very important part of the Loughglynn set-up.