Lough Funshinagh flood relief hearing to take place after Easter

The High Court action taken by Friends of the Irish Environment concerning flood relief works at Lough Funshinagh will not be heard until the courts resume following the Easter holidays following a decision on Friday last.

  Mr. Justice Garret Simons also continued the temporary prohibition on any works taking place until the matter returned before the court on January 28th.

  Last month, FIE secured permission to bring judicial review proceedings setting aside Roscommon County Council’s decision in October approving the emergency flood relief scheme.

  Reacting to the High Court ruling on Friday last, Roscommon County Council issued the following statement: “Friends of the Irish Environment asked the High Court to make an order continuing a prohibition on flood relief work at Lough Funshinagh, whilst awaiting the outcome of their pending legal challenge. The argument did not conclude.

  “The Court adjourned to January 28th to allow lawyers representing the State to make submissions, and to allow the parties address the court on a relevant judgment that was delivered earlier today (Friday).

  “The High Court also prescribed a timetable for the legal challenge, which would see the main case ready for hearing in May 2022. The interim stay on construction works remains in place until January 28th”.

  Local councillor Laurence Fallon described the decision as a “further delay and more disappointment” for residents living close to Lough Funshinagh.

  “This is very disappointing and a further delay for residents and landowners around Lough Funshinagh. I can only hope that progress can be made (later this month) because we have had probably the driest autumn in many years and the lake is only 400 millimetres lower than last year. If we had a normal winter then we would be in real trouble,” he said.

  “The lough is still at an extremely high level and still a major worry for those who are in danger of having their homes and land flooded. It’s disappointing and annoying that efforts to protect homeowners have been overruled and that there seems to be a lack of real concern for families in the area”.