Longer evenings signal start of busy sporting period

The weather is picking up across the country and of course this weekend sees the clocks going forward by an hour, which will lead to an even grander oul’ stretch in the evenings!

  This time of the year reminds me of midweek soccer in DDSL in Dublin. Fresh-cut grass, larger crowds and the beautiful feeling of winning in the sunshine.

  Of course there were the less savoury instances such as the time a burnt-out car postponed a match and the evening I was threatened by a young ‘lady’ who managed to get her head on the end of one of my clearances. But, mostly it was fields of gold and ice-pops afterwards. One such memory involves former Dublin Mid West TD, Derek Keating, celebrating like Martin O’Neill when we clinched the league title for his club.

  Sport has this knack of bringing communities together; whether it be the ‘parish’ down here in the sticks or ‘the estate’ up there in the ‘Big Smoke’.

  This Sunday the whole county will be out for the big match against Mayo at Hyde Park. Or at least people will claim they were after Roscommon win!

  The big Division One clash between Roscommon and Mayo is merely the start of what will hopefully be a long and successful spring/summer/autumn of sport in the county.

  Only sport can really provide events like Sunday’s and memories like those I’ve mentioned. It’s also a healthy outlet for all ages and abilities, so get out there and get active this year.