Lockdown ideas to make you smile!


Michelle Fallon

Nothing is impossible – the word itself spells ‘I’m Possible’…!

It’s hard not to feel the opposite in these current times when we are being bombarded on a daily basis with negative words through our TV screens, radio airwaves and social media.

The repetition of the words ‘restricted’ and ‘lockdown’ are very powerful, and are arguably damaging people’s mental health. That and the lack of ‘any other craic’ or ‘any news’ during conversations with friends and family isn’t helping.

The problem with this is that focus goes where energy flows, so instead of focussing on all the negatives of lockdown, try turning that around and focus on all the possibilities lockdown has given us and all the things we actually CAN do. It’s a domino effect – just try it, before you know it you’ll be feeling much more optimistic about it all.

Not sure where to start? How about creating a Lockdown Bucket list and a Joy Jar. The Bucket list is a list of all the things you can think of that you can do within 5 km that are also going to give you a little focus and challenge over the next few weeks. What is it you’re always saying you would love to do but you just don’t have time? Well, they are the things to go on the list. You will soon see that we are not as restricted as you first thought.

I shared this idea on my Instagram a few weeks ago and got a huge response, so here are some of the things people have added to their bucket lists to get you started…

Lockdown bucket list ideas

Trace your family tree, master the perfect margarita or cocktail, recreate your favourite restaurant meal, host a ‘Come Dine With Me’ or ‘Bake Off’ at home or via zoom, learn to make a barista-style coffee, get active, learn a new language, read five books, write letters, send cards, plant spring bulbs, become a wine buff, start painting or any new hobby, start writing that book, do that DIY you keep putting off, reconnect with old friends – there are so many things we can actually do once we start thinking that way.

Ask yourself what CAN I do rather than what can’t I do. It’s just a matter of changing your mindset. Once you start focusing on all the things you can do, you won’t feel so restricted by lockdown.

Joy jar

For some people, lockdown has hit them hard, and loneliness and depression are a huge concern. If you know someone that is struggling, why not suggest making a Joy Jar. This is a jar full of things you love to do, just little things that bring you joy. The idea is that you can dip into the jar, especially on those days where you hit a wall, and let’s face it – we all have had at least one of those days in the last few months.

Once you start, it’s amazing how much more positive you will feel – and it’s contagious too. You will find yourself telling people about it and the domino effect starts.

So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a jar, a pen and paper, and start writing out all the things you love to do that bring you joy: takeaway coffee, painting, a walk in the park, watching your favourite movie, taking a bath, dancing in the kitchen, phoning a friend, reading a magazine, playing board games with the kids, decluttering, cycling, swim and much more. Write all the things you love to do on pieces of paper and pop them in the jar, then on days you just feel a bit flat, dip into your joy jar and turn that frown upside down!

Stay safe everyone, x.

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