Local students bring Christmas cheer in Ballyleague…

The students of Lanesborough Community College have joined in on the Christmas festivities in the Shannonside town this year by working with the new Ballyleague Christmas lights committee to deliver an impressive new nativity crib which was unveiled last week.

  “We are indebted to the students, Brian Concannon, Michael Hanley, Sonny Wallace, Pat Kelly and all those who have helped us in any way”, Noel Moran, chairman of the local Christmas lights committee said this week, “the new crib has already attracted very favorable comments and the students did a really superb job for us.”

  The nativity crib is being put in place alongside the Ballyleague’s new ‘green’ Christmas tree – a special eco-friendly initiative that has seen the people of the village, that normally hosted six felled native Christmas firs, turn instead to a combination of erecting solar-powered Christmas lights on up to 14 growing trees in the village and putting in a new metal structure ‘tree’ frame to host the lights at the village corner.

  Ballyleague Christmas lights wish to thank all those who supported their recent church gate collection and would like to thank the team of volunteers who helped put the lights and other features in place this year. Special thanks to Vinny McGowan, Sean Moran, John Loughlin, Denis Dunne, Micheal Farrell, Mike Sorohan, Lee Barrett, Ciaran Mullooly and anyone else who helped in any way. The committee appreciate the ongoing support of Roscommon Municipal Authority for this community project.

  Donations would be gratefully appreciated. To donate please contact Chairman Noel Moran at 086-2936180 or Gerry Trimble at 087-6474832.