Local man offers free business services to refugees

Community volunteer and business consultant Noel Connolly, who was part of a volunteering group at Cuisle to prepare for and welcome Ukrainian refugees, has offered his business consulting and training services for free to Ukrainians fleeing the conflict in their homeland and encouraged other businesses to do likewise.

  Speaking to the Roscommon People this week, Mr. Connolly, who says he has worked with up to twenty different nationalities to set up enterprises in the past in Roscommon, highlighted the EU Temporary Protecton Directive, which allows Ukrainian refugees to work immediately and access welfare without applying for refugee status.

  “I am more than happy to volunteer my business consulting and training services for free to Ukrainians who have arrived in Roscommon and wish to set up new businesses or restart an existing business they had to abandon because of the war,” he said.

  “If there are any other business professionals who wish to do likewise please let me know at 087-6388590, and we can offer a network of advisory services online or in Cuisle to Ukrainian entrepreneurs to help them discover the totally new business landscape of Ireland”.

  Mr. Connolly added that many Ukrainians are highly skilled entrepreneurs when it comes to the IT industry.

  “Large amounts of technology that enables our everyday lives is built by Ukrainian engineers and software developers,” he said.

  “Ukrainian IT skills are sought by businesses worldwide, and in particular their coding and developer skills. Ukraine has a history of technological discoveries and the designer of the first helicopter was in fact Ukrainian”.

  Mr. Connolly also referred to a support website where the Ukrainian refugees in Ireland can find employment remotely or otherwise (Remoteukraine.com).