Local artist Xnthony to star in ‘Oliver Cromwell is Really Very Sorry’!

Roscommon artist, Anthony Keigher AKA Xnthony, is set to produce and star in a “riotous new musical” ‘Oliver Cromwell is Really Very Sorry!’ which comes to the Dublin Fringe Festival on September 20th to 24th this year.

Xnthony Ltd describes the production as “the story about a man the English don’t remember and the Irish will never forget”.

A press statement continued: “Put your hands up for Oliver Cromwell: Daddy of Democracy, Puritan and total Taurus. Ollie’s Army is back for a night of pure carnage, legendary pop anthems, and bloody historical re-enactments. But listen, he’s really very sorry. Really.

“In this new musical, award-winning cabaret artist, writer and producer Xnthony dives into the psyche of England’s ‘Daddy of Democracy’ Oliver Cromwell in a transgressive and riotous exploration of English colonialism of Ireland. This is a pop musical extravaganza jam-packed with soon to be iconic pop anthems like ‘Puritanism’, ‘Horror Scope’ and ‘800 years’ not to mention Xnthony’s electrifying comedic wit and historical rigour”.

Join Xnthony and a cast of Irish and international Drag, Cabaret and musical theatre performers as they go on the hunt for Cromwell’s head – reportedly buried in a biscuit tin in England.

‘Oliver Cromwell is Really Very Sorry’ is written by Xnthony, Sam Curtis Lindsay and Irish pop sensation ODU with set design by Emma Bailey (designer for Tony award-winning musical ‘Six: The Musical’). The production is produced by Hannah Turk. It is funded by Arts Council Ireland and Arts Council England.

Xnthony says: “After three years I am thrilled to finally premier my new musical at Dublin Fringe Festival. Across numerous lockdowns and party-gates, we are finally ready to unveil our creation which will entertain and challenge Irish and English audiences alike. Historical revisionism has never been this fun”.

Tickets for ‘Oliver Cromwell is Really Very Sorry’ are on sale now. All enquiries to jennysharif@gmail.com.