Leyden promotes Fairtrade

At the May meeting of the Council, Cllr. Orla Leyden proposed that Roscommon County Council support Fairtrade and Roscommon Fairtrade Group’s endeavour for Roscommon Town to become a Fairtrade town. The proposal was endorsed by the Council.             In order for Roscommon Town to become a Fairtrade town, it must achieve six goals. At least ten businesses in the town must have Fairtrade products for sale and the Council must pass a motion in support of Fairtrade.             Cllr. Orla Leyden outlined the benefits of supporting Fairtrade. She said that by supporting Fairtrade products in Roscommon, we are empowering people in the third world, addressing injustice, supporting development and ensuring a better deal for people through fairer prices. ‘In essence, by buying Fairtrade we are ensuring that the people that produce the goods receive a fair wage. As individuals we can support Fairtrade by buying products that display the Fairtrade symbol, products such as bananas, tea, coffee, sugar, wine, rice, biscuits and even footballs. Already a good number of businesses in Roscommon town are selling fair trade products.’               Cllr. Leyden complimented the work of the Fair Trade Committee and encouraged people to support Fairtrade in Roscommon Town.