Letters to the Editor

‘No toilets in Park’  Dear Sir,  As a constant user of Loughnaneane Park I must congratulate the people of Roscommon on this superb recreational amenity. However, there is one facility that is lacking. Where are the toilets?    On numerous occasions I have been asked by both tourists and women with young children where the toilets are. Sadly I have to direct them to the nearest public houses or hotels.  People, especially tourists are not impressed.    I hope that the parties concerned will try to rectify this oversight. It is a wonderful amenity so let’s keep it clean and up-to-date amenity-wise.  Yours sincerely,  Bewildered  (name and address with the editor). Why did we fiddle while Ireland burnt?  Carrowreagh, Athleague Dear Sir,  How many more articles is Seamus Duke going to start with the phrase ‘I hate to sound like George Lee’? Mr. Lee is one of the few commentators who tried to warn us that we were too dependent upon the construction industry and that people were paying ridiculously inflated prices for homes.    For over a year now we have lived through a dream, a surreal period