Leo leads the revival of Strokestown

The ‘reformation’ of Strokestown is a success story of recent times to cherish! The people of the town and its entrepreneurs increasingly have reason to celebrate.    For many years Strokestown was a town with little development or progression until the light was switched on for a brighter future.    To many, the man who held the key to change is Leo Cox, a successful businessman with many enterprises ‘under his wing’, one of which was a family construction company, EDA Cox.    In April 2006 Leo arrived into Strokestown holding the key to changed commercial times. Leo is a native of Co. Leitrim. He is married to Chrissie and the couple have two sons, Dermot and Adrian. Dermot is married to Regina and Adrian is married to Edel. Leo has three grandchildren.    The Percy French hotel was acquired by the Coxs and within weeks it had received the makeover treatment. Quality service and good food available there makes it one of the best hotels in the county without question.    A short time later five or so businesses had also arrived, following in the footsteps of Leo.    Speaking to me recently, a very courteous Mr. Cox spoke of his plans to expand the Percy French Hotel, to the point where it will have 38 bedrooms, function room, leisure centre and swimming pool, a process which will ensure job creation and a rise in population.    He hopes the work on the Percy French Hotel will be completed by October 2008, in time for the Frank McGann Festival.    Leo hopes to bring a new dimension to the wedding business, hosting fairs and providing top-class facilities for newly-weds.    For many years people from the area have travelled to Longford and Roscommon for amenities and services. A number of local business people have put their shoulders to the wheel to make Strokestown more attractive.    For his part, Leo Cox has not stopped with the Percy French Hotel project. He is planning to open a ladies and menswear premises soon while the completion of other projects is also on schedule.    This Friday Leo opens a new ‘euro shop’ and bakery. The official opening will be performed by Paul Healy, Editor of the Roscommon People at 11.30 a.m. on this Friday morning, 7 th of December.    Meanwhile Leo expects the ladies and menswear premises to open by early summer. Within the next twelve months there are plans for the first tool hire shop to open in the town, an asset for all labourers, as Leo says.    Leo Cox has certainly built the foundations for changing times in Strokestown, providing much-needed services and enhancing employment (sixty staff in the hotel, thirty involved in construction). Leo also set up his own stables, reflecting his interest in horseracing (he owns a number of horses). The stables are run by Niall and Claire Moran.    Strokestown is now full of choice with a range of outlets catering for all needs.    As for Leo Cox, he concluded his chat with me by thanking the people of Strokestown for their continued loyal support. He also thanked his many staff for their loyality and dedication.     As for Strokestown, it clearly is a town on the move!