Lecture on Roscommon town architecture

A meeting of the County Roscommon Historical & Archaeological Society will take place at 8 pm on Tuesday, 11th of April in the Cruachan Ai Centre, Tulsk.

Following the meeting there will be an illustrated lecture on 18th and 19th century Roscommon town architecture by Vincent Delany, archictect.

The illustrated talk describes some of the landlords and many of the tenants of land and properties in the town of Roscommon from the 1600s when the Earl of Ranelagh controlled the town until the mid-19th century when the town had been inherited by the Earls of Leinster, the Earls of Essex and others.

Were the Roscommon tenants members of the New English who were predominantly urban dwellers, or were they Irish who were more accustomed to rural living? The contents of the talk are based on information among the thousands of historic documents stored at Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Vincent Delany worked for 40 years with a firm of architects in Dublin. On retirement, he gained a Masters Degree under Prof. Dooley and Prof. Raymond Gillespie at Maynooth University.

Following graduation he won the Roscommon Co. Council heritage bursary award with a project under the title ‘Roscommon, a venue for Roscommon yachting, past and present’. He has been working on the ongoing project ‘Roscommon Historic Towns Atlas’ in conjunction with Dr Kieran O’Conor of UCG. All are welcome to attend this Tuesday.