Lecarrow man set for Global Green Business competition





Roscommon start-up Diluteze has been selected to represent Ireland in the Global Climate LaunchPad Awards in Edinburgh on November 1st and 2nd of this year.

  Diluteze is developing a suite of products that reduce the environmental impact of chemicals used in horticulture, facilities management, agriculture, industry and consumer markets. 

  Climate Launchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition where finalists pitch their ideas to an evaluation panel through which winners are selected across a range of categories.

  Diluteze was founded by Lecarrow resident Simon Ruddy, pictured right. Having spent over a decade working in the chemical industry, Simon observed significant new challenges facing both chemical manufacturers and employers in terms of increased health and safety risks for those working with chemicals and the downstream environmental effects of chemical products.   

  Simon decided there were better, safer and more environmentally prudent ways to package, handle, dilute and dispense many of the chemicals used on a daily basis including weed killers, detergents and industrial chemicals.

  The biggest contributory factor resulting in many accidents involving chemicals in the home or workplace is down to what the chemical industry terms as ‘Dilution Confusion’. With up to 80% of consumers confused by the many different ways individual chemical manufacturers describe dilution rates or ‘mixing instructions’ on their packaging.

  Diluteze has developed a design method that can be added to a broad range of everyday receptacles used in the home or workplace to dilute and dispense potentially harmful chemicals.

  Diluteze plans to launch three versions of its product for the horticulture and facilities management market over the next three years, with a pipeline of twelve additional products up to 2027.