Launch of ‘The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance’

Something is afoot in Roscommon this Saturday! Or rather, something is dancing up a storm at Cruinniú na nÓg – Ireland’s National Day of Free Creativity for Children. At 2.15 pm this Saturday, June 11th, Roscommon Library will play host to the launch of ‘The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance’.

Who is Yippee?

‘The Yippee Yaroo is a very intriguing fellow.

He is hairy and orange, and pink, blue and yellow!

He is the Principal Yippee Yaroo.

And he wants you to be all that is you!

He is a Teacher of The Most High Class.

And he’s a hoot and a fiddle and a blast of gas!’

Created by author Helen McSharry and illustrator Joanne Agnew Ryan, The Yippee Yaroo teaches everyone (but especially children) how to dance away bad moods, be in the moment and have faith in Mother Nature.

Yippee is a guru/willo’ the wisp/genie type character who lives in the Eternal Forest and teaches the Fae (aka children) how to be happy. He is part of enchantments, a larger collection of stories inspired by our Celtic mythology.

Yippee combines music and dance, yoga and groovy moves, the power of nature and the divine magical note resonating at 528hz – the frequency of love – to bring us all joy and laughter, and remind us all how to be in the moment and have fun.

So get your dancing shoes on for The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance this Saturday in Roscommon Library at 2.15 pm!

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