Lanesboro Tri Club back on the move!

Members of Lanesboro Tri Club are delighted to be back training together following the recent lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, according to club PRO Elaine Lally.

  The club had been severely restricted by lockdowns over the past two years with individual training becoming the norm.

  “There were a lot of events and races cancelled last year due to Covid and that had a negative impact on mental health too because people couldn’t get out and mingle,” Elaine said.

  “As well as that, when you are training for events such as Iron Man for nine months and then suddenly it’s cancelled it’s hard not to be affected.

  “It’s difficult to train without races to prepare for or without having a target and it was also hard to keep people positive at times so we got members to submit selfies and videos and we put them together to give everyone a lift.

  “We are getting back into it now after training separately for such a long time and it’s great to be able to train together as a group again”.

  Like many other local clubs, the social element of Lanesboro Tri Club is vital to members and the resumption of group activities has enabled people to meet again.

  “We have members at all different levels and now people are getting to meet each other –  sometimes for the first time – after being online during Covid,” Elaine said.

  “Training alone and completing online challenges is just not the same but now we can have a coffee and a chat and that’s so important for the mental health side of things.

  “We were hugely thankful to Tonya Hand and Bernie Smith of our training committee who made a huge effort in organising training when the restrictions were in place”.

  Things are now looking up once again for Lanesboro Tri Club with members back on the move.

  “It’s very positive at the moment and we have lots of new members since lockdown. We are also hosting our Open Day on February 26th at our clubhouse in Lanesboro. It’s a fantastic facility with a full working gym which hadn’t really been utilised during Covid. Hopefully it will be used regularly now and into the future,” Elaine concluded.