Lamb nuts, and column wars: Boyos launch Strokestown ‘show of strength’

Wow! What a weekend!

Very enjoyable!

I’m so glad we went to Strokestown Show!

Yes, we were treated like…celebrities!

It was important that we were seen to strike back, I’m adamant about that!


AGAINST BROLLY! As our fans, I mean readers, are aware, we have strong grounds for suspicion that the Editor may be lining up Joe Brolly to replace us on this page….


Editor (rolling eyes, amusing himself/despairing at this stage): “Or lining up an actual brolly…”


“I dropped into Anthony Beirne’s for a pint!” The cheek of him!


Brolly! The week before last, writing in his Sunday Independent column about how he called into Anthony Beirne’s in Strokestown for a pint, and had the craic with the locals! Obviously trying to goad us! Effectively a declaration of war, almost a column coup!

Oh yeah, absolutely, sure you couldn’t be up to him!


Ah don’t personalise it…

Lamb nuts, I mean! He even had to write about lamb nuts! He actually quoted some of the banter from the pub!

We’d NEVER do that!

No, we’ve never even named the pub bore!

Yeah, we protect our sources!

(They pause to check the current price of lamb nuts)

It was SO RIGHT that we went straight to Strokestown, just to remind people who the column kingpins are!

Indeed! Just a pity we didn’t call into Anthony Beirne’s for a pint, and to set the record straight!

I know, but we’ll keep that option open for again. For now, it was important that we go straight to the wider public. That we appeal to the masses. That’s why it was sufficient – for now – for us to go straight to Strokestown Show!

The boyos on tour!

Well, kind of! Speaking directly to OUR PEOPLE! Our grassroots!

And what an afternoon we had!

Yes! As you said, treated like celebrities!

I think we were photographed more than Senator Eugene Murphy was!

Well it must have been close…

Anyways, it was a brilliant show. It’s not ALL about us! Congrats to all in Strokestown! And here’s wishing Roscommon Show every success THIS Saturday!

Indeed! And we got such a warm welcome in Strokestown, the Editor simply must take account of our popularity!

He’s sure to get positive feedback about our appearance in Strokestown. As we speak, readers are probably calling in to suggest we should get a sparkling new contract!

Indeed! So Brolly’s clever coup has been defeated! No Brolly takeover, for now at least?

Yeah, NUTS to that!