Lamb Festival was ‘shear’ quality!

I had never experienced a lamb festival before I moved to Roscommon. Come to think of it, I had never experienced a lot of things before I moved to Roscommon. I was therefore curious as to what a lamb festival entailed.

  I suppose the closest animal festivals I had experienced were the Chengdo Bull-fighting Festival in Korea and the festival in Kerry where they stick a goat in a cage high above the town. I figured the bull-fighting wasn’t much to go on as I imagine lambs wouldn’t do that much damage!

  So I settled on the Puck Fair in Killorglin as my waypoint, thinking that the lamb would be given the freedom of Roscommon throughout the weekend. Needless to say that waypoint was abandoned as early as Wednesday afternoon as pictures from the festival launch arrived into Roscommon People towers. The lamb roasting on a spit clearly wasn’t given the freedom of the town!

  I ventured out over the weekend, safe in the knowledge that I wasn’t a lamb, and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of different events taking place in the town. There really was something for everyone, with artists’ displays, theatre and music, farm walks, farmers’ markets, sheepdog trials and music sessions in pubs across the town and further afield.

  Clearly this festival involves hard work from quite a number of people and even on Thursday afternoon there were brave men erecting stalls and the Lamb Festival tent in the hailstones!

  The town was indeed buzzing all weekend with various Join Our Boys events taking place too as once again I was impressed with the effort Roscommon people put into staging events.

  The only moan I had was that all of this was taking place on championship weekend and the poor unfortunates who travelled to New York to watch the Rossies really missed out!