Lads…beware of the honey trap!

Men across Ireland, but in particular some living in counties Roscommon and Longford, are being targeted and lured into taking part in sex-related internet activities whereby a woman will engage the man in a video conversation via a webcam,   encourage him to expose himself while at the same time exposing herself in order to draw him into the activity! 

  Now of course the silly man is not forced to do anything; okay, there’s coercion, but he can simply tell the slapper to get lost and switch off the computer…er, right??? Yes lads, that’s the sensible option, that way madam will move onto her next victim, leaving you in the clear. Whew!

  However, I suppose, buoyed up and flattered by the attention, bless him, the man, probably thinking it’s a bit of harmless fun, is now of the, in-for-a-penny-in-for-a-pound mode and begins to play along; leading me nicely onto the purpose of this criminal activity and that is to extort money, something our lovely local Garda, Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Paul McDermott has explained, saying, “unknown to the man the video conversation is recorded and shortly afterwards, the man will get a demand for payment or else the threat is made that the video will be posted on Facebook and sent to his family and friends.”

  Now to be honest folks, what our Gardaí are describing here is very disturbing, so please heed their warning and take their advice. You see, put simply, this so-called ‘honey-trap’ is blackmail, and blackmail is a very serious crime indeed and something that can have absolutely devastating effects financially, socially and emotionally; blackmail can subject the victim (and their families) to the most intense psychological trauma.

  So let me say right here that the sleazy strumpets who perpetrate this despicable crime are the baddies and not the poor sod who was green enough to get involved in an explicit conversation with her in the first place. Yes, he’s an eejit, but he’s clearly a victim. His crime? Well, he should have known better than to respond to a request from an unsolicited individual, but sure don’t we all make mistakes and this is all he has done…made a mistake.

  So lads, if this has happened to you, it’s not the end of the world; even if you’re in a loving relationship and have kiddies. You made a mistake. End of! You’re entitled, as are we all, to use the internet safely and without hindrance from some blackmailing little trollop who is too lazy or too cerebrally challenged to get a job of her own and has to resort to tricking innocent (albeit dopey) individuals like you; bleeding you for cash. Yes, she may threaten to share the images/video footage to your nearest and dearest if you refuse to pay but then again, she may still carry out this threat even if you do cough up the cash; so my advice…don’t re-mortgage the house, don’t sell the family silver and don’t pay!

  Go to the Gardaí who’ll deal with you sensitively and confidentially – remembering that your only crime here is stupidity; I mean lads, if you’ve got a face only a mother could love and a body that looks like it’s been invaded by Mr. Blobby, you really should’ve copped onto her, ahem, interest in you, and told her to sling her hook, but you didn’t and again, she’s the con-artist, she’s the blackmailer and blokes like you are her stock in trade. Come clean to the wife; ‘cos this little tart isn’t worth ruining a marriage for…it’s likely your wife’s noticed you’re uneasy and sussed something’s up. And, while you may end up with a lovely new sunroof in the kitchen – where she’s booted you through it – eventually she’ll calm down, she’ll forgive you and that lovely Mediterranean cruise you’re taking her on will defo go a long way towards helping her.

Parents – separate fact from fiction when it comes to your kids and drugs!

Most teens will try something before they hit eighteen…well that’s my belief anyway; and, in my day, it was usually alcohol, cigarettes or sex. However, I have to say that, being a nerdy goody two shoes, I never drank alcohol until I was thirty, and, even now, have never in my life touched a cigarette. Why? As a teen I was too afraid of my mother’s reaction, and, as I said, I was a big nerd!

  However, last week’s incident where three 12-year-old little girls were found in a state of collapse on a UK street, having succumbed to the horrors of taking the so-called  ‘Teddy Tablet’ which are ecstasy pills aimed at children, is really an outrageous and dangerous rebellious step gone too far.

  Now while I know the early teen years can take a major emotional toll on children and the reason they experiment with certain substances is to experience escapism, I have to ask the following questions…where were these young girls’ parents? Why were they out and about, unsupervised at 10 pm at night? How did they get the money to buy these drugs? And; what kind of sicko actually thought that it was okay to supply three young, vulnerable little children with class A drugs?

It’s a cruel, cruel world

Like all right-thinking people I was left scratching my head last week when news of British Labour MP, wife and mother-of-two young children Jo Cox was struck down in the street by what the media have described as a ‘lone wolf’ killer.

  This week, as we witness the aftermath of this poor woman’s senseless murder, and, as her grieving husband is left widowed and her two innocent kiddies are left motherless, I have to ask what the hell is going on in the world that, each week, it appears we are now bearing witness to such murderous, callous, senseless acts of violence where ordinary, everyday people are being crucified for doing nothing more than going about their ordinary, everyday tasks?