Knock Airport in moves to restructure its business

On Friday last, 14th September 2007, Ireland West Airport Knock announced that it has moved to restructure its business in order to best position itself for its future strategic development and growth. Liam Scollan, former Managing Director of the Airport, has been appointed as Group Managing Director, whilst the Airport’s former Director of Finance and Operations, Robert Grealis, has been appointed as the Airport’s new CEO. In addition, Enda Candon, formerly of Connacht Gold and CEO of First Western Consulting, will join the Airport team in the newly appointed position as Director of Business Partnerships.    Ireland West Airport Knock has decided to organise its activities into two separately managed activities in order to assure its sustained development into the future and to effectively realise the Airport’s potential as it continues to endeavour to achieve the goals set out in its ‘Vision 2020’ strategy announced in October 2005. As well as increasing its focus on developing the Airport’s flights and services, the Airport authority has also added a second business unit which will manage the Airport’s involvement in new businesses which, it is envisaged, will emerge around the Airport’s aviation activities.   In a joint statement, the Airport’s Chairman Joe Kennedy and its Managing Director Liam Scollan explained the background: ‘The Airport takes its role as a transport access hub very seriously but it also takes its place as an employer and job generator for the region very seriously also. It is vital therefore for Ireland West Knock’s future, for its commercial success and its ability to provide secure jobs locally, that it not only continues to attract new flights, but creates new spin-off enterprises which provide economic benefit to the region and income streams to the Airport. The Airport’s activities provide an opportunity to attract enterprises that need good connectivity, modern logistics and hassle-free travel. Airports exist in a very tough competitive international environment and Ireland West Knock is no exception. It has to diversify as well as expand its core business and derive its incomes from multiple sources if it is to realise its true potential. The Airport sees this as involving two principle actions, firstly a consolidation and continued emphasis on Airport development and secondly, an additional aspiration to develop more employment opportunities which will now arise as a result of the Airport’s growth. If it achieves this, it can both have a long-term sustainable future and also be a key component of regional and national development.’