Kiltrustan HeartSafe project gets underway

Fundraising efforts are now commencing in the Kiltrustan area of Strokestown for the purchase and installation of ten defibrillators in the area.             Defibrillators are to be provided at Kilacloghan, Laragan, Silver Eel, Grange, Muckinagh, Clooneenhartland, Ballygarden Cross, Killdallogue, Drinane Cross, Annagh Road and one more location yet to be decided.             Approx 8200 people die each year in Ireland from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. From the onset of a cardiac arrest, loss of life is only five minutes. Whether you live, work, or play in the area it is imperative to support this worthy project because one day it could save your life. Representatives will be calling to all houses within these areas in the next few days looking for contributions.             The committee are also encouraging as many people as possible in the area to train on how to use the defibrillators. Training will be given free to anyone from 15-75. If interested please tell the representative who calls to your house. It is essential that as many people as possible train to use this life saving equipment in order to make this project a success and to make Kiltrustan HeartSafe.