Kilteevan Community Alert to be revived amid concern over burglaries

Concerned residents of the Kilteevan area are set to relaunch the Kilteevan Community Alert programme following a number of burglaries in the area.

  Kilteevan Community Development Group has stated: “We are all very aware of the great challenges and difficulties all communities faced over the past two years with the Covid-19 pandemic.

  “In addition to this, in the very recent past, our area like many others has been targeted by individuals and gangs that have burgled households in our community”.

  Kilteevan Community Development Group (KCDG) are now beginning the process of relaunching the Community Alert initiative that was established some years ago in the area.

  A sub-committee of KCDG will be formed, with co-ordinators for each area comprising one or more townlands. People interested in volunteering or accepting a nomination to fulfil such a role are asked to contact Finbar on by  Wednesday, February 2nd.

   The Annual General Meeting of Kilteevan Community Development Group is scheduled to take place on Thursday, the 17th of February 2022, at 8 pm, and it is hoped that plans for the formal relaunch of the Kilteevan Community Alert will be in place by then.