Kilduff-Keogh row: Monday is Fianna Fáil D-Day

HQ ignores ultimatum from FF locally

Fianna Fáil’s long-running investigation into the row between south Roscommon councillors John Keogh and Paddy Kilduff is now almost complete, with the committee ready to report.

  It is understood that party headquarters contacted the two councillors on Tuesday to ask them to travel to Dublin next Monday, November 30, at which a copy on the committee’s findings would be read out to them.

  Cllr. Keogh made a complaint against his party colleague in June. He made a separate complaint, of a less serious nature, against another south Roscommon member, Cllr. Ivan Connaughton.

  Cllr. Connaughton has confirmed that he, too, was contacted by party headquarters on Tuesday afternoon to ask that he also go to Dublin next Monday.

  He said that he refused to do so, however.

  “I welcome that they have come back, seven or eight weeks later than they said they were going to come back,” said Cllr. Connaughton.

  “But I think it is only fair that they would come down to Roscommon – if they want directions, I will give them directions to the county. I also want a copy of the report, which they said they would only read out to me.”

  He said that he was waiting for a response to his requests.

  Cllrs. Keogh and Kilduff both declined to comment.

  Meanwhile, party headquarters have ignored local members’ request for a General Election Selection Convention to be held as a matter of urgency.

  Two weeks ago, Roscommon-Galway Comhairle Dáil Ceantair (CDC) issued an ultimatum to the party to call a convention within a fortnight – otherwise, they said that they would hold one themselves.

  Padraig Burke, the CDC chairperson, confirmed HQ had not acceded to their call.

  “We have no confirmation of anything yet,” he said.

  A Fianna Fáil spokesperson said: “The National Constituencies Committee has received communication from the CDC and is actively considering the matter and aims to be in contact with local officers shortly.”

  Roscommon-Galway is now the only constituency in the country for which a Selection Convention has not yet been held.

            The three candidates remaining in the race are Cllr. Eugene Murphy, Larry Brennan and Seán Óg Higgins.