Kieran not so Solo for Roscommon date

Star Goss talks to Roscommon People about preparing for Christmas… and a Roscommon gig…

Internationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter, Kieran Goss, along with his wife and fellow singer Annie Kinsella, will take to the stage at the Roscommon Arts Centre on Friday, 11th December.

  The Down native who now calls Sligo home was in fine form when the Roscommon People caught up with him for a festive chat earlier in the week.

Kieran, obviously this is a busy time of the year performance-wise, but when does Christmas start for you?

Well we’re match-fit in terms of the gigs coming up, so it’s not too bad. We spend some time down in Kilkenny with Annie’s family which is always good and I am one of fifteen in my family so every Christmas all of the brothers and sisters have a get-together in Mayobridge just outside Newry. It’s usually the weekend before Christmas and most of the siblings try to make it home for it. That’s when Christmas starts for me!

What’s your favourite thing about the festive season?

I like the spirit of Christmas, I’d be spiritual rather than religious and I enjoy the banter and the craic. It’s also a time to catch up with family and friends and reflect on things. It’s the end of the year and a good time to catch our breath so we tend to keep a low profile and enjoy the warm fire, nice food and plenty of walks with the wee dog!

So tell us what’s the perfect gift for the ears this Christmas?

Let me tell you, The 4 of Us have a brilliant album coming out either just before Christmas or just after called Sugar Island. Myself and my wife Annie have heard it and it’s brilliant.

You’re hosting a fantasy Christmas Dinner, who’s at your table?

Right, well Seamus Heaney, because he was such a gentle, intelligent and humorous man. (Laughs) Then probably Peter Kay or Billy Connolly because every Christmas party needs a headcase! And Muhammad Ali would also be there, he’s carried himself with great integrity throughout his life.

Kieran, we’re buying you one present this Christmas, money is no object, what’s it going to be?

(Exhales). Right, let me think about that. Okay, well something that I’d love to have for Christmas would be (laughs) first class return tickets to New York and maybe a voucher for a nice hotel in Greenwich Village so we can catch up with family and friends!

That’s no problem Kieran, they’re in the post! Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2016?

Ah, new album plug! Solo will be out in the New Year and you can purchase it on or at the Roscommon gig! It has given me an opportunity to work with the guitar on some new material as well as some of my earlier songs. I’ll also be performing with Frances Black during our reunion shows which is something else I’m looking forward to.