Kick The Bucket this Saturday at JJ’s!

Saturday evening sees Kick The Bucket take to the stage at JJ’s. Kick The Bucket is a female fronted group from Omagh featuring Linda McLaughlin on vocals, Shane Tierney on drums, Gerard McCrory on bass and Stephen Rafferty on guitar. Dan Dooner caught up with them earlier this week.

JJ’s this weekend guys. Are you looking forward to visiting Roscommon town?


Very much so. JJ’s has a great reputation within the live music scene. Many of the great bands playing at the same blues festivals we appear at have been to the venue, and have always had a lot of great things to say about it.

  Roscommon is also a beautiful part of Ireland. It’s quite a distance for us travelling from Tyrone, but we’re all really looking forward to it. We’ve all been to the area individually, but it’ll be our first time there as a band.

Looking ahead to Saturday, what can the audience expect?

We put a lot of work and practice into our set. We hope that people would agree we have our own sound. Although it’s definitely within the blues genre, we try to create a new sound by incorporating elements of different related genres, such as funk, soul, rockabilly, jazz and little bits of rock and country. When it comes to our originals, this helps us try to create something new within the confines of the blues genre. Any covers we do have been totally rearranged so that we give our own approach and sound to them.

It’s dream gig time. Describe the set up and line up for your perfect gig.


Any gig can be like a dream gig if the atmosphere is good and the crowd are enjoying themselves. Hopefully we can make JJ’s our dream gig!

Would you rather headline a sell-out stadium tour or absolutely rock an intimate tour around Europe’s best live music venues?

We’ve always set small goals for ourselves. At the start it was just to play the best music venue in our local town. Then it was to play other areas. Then it was to appear at a blues festival.

  We play most of Ireland’s blues festivals now. It’d be a great next step after our debut album is released to take it to music festivals in other countries. A tour of Europe would be amazing. It’s always been a dream to travel with music. I don’t think any of us would turn down the odd stadium gig had we the chance!

Finally guys what’s your idea of the perfect weekend?


Playing at JJ’s sounds like a good one! Any weekend where we get a good gig with a good crowd.