Kerrane welcomes clearer rules for Gardaí at evictions



Sinn Féin spokesperson for Roscommon/Galway Claire Kerrane has welcomed “clearer rules” being drawn up by the Garda Commissioner for Gardaí who attend the scene of an eviction.

  Having written to the Garda Commissioner last month to request clarification as to the role of Gardaí at evictions, Ms. Kerrane said: “I understand that Garda management in Roscommon had requested a clear policy on the role of Gardaí at evictions and for this to be published and made available to the public. 

  “This is a really important development. The role of the Gardaí at evictions needs to be crystal clear to both Gardaí at the scene and the public.

  “I am awaiting a full response from the Assistant Commissioner who is responsible for policing in Roscommon following my correspondence to the Garda Commissioner being forwarded to her for reply.

  “I am also awaiting an update as to whether a live investigation is underway into events at the eviction at Falsk, Strokestown on December 11th last”.