Kerrane: Share Anderson Report with families




Sinn Féin spokesperson for Roscommon Claire Kerrane has said that the failure to share the report which is being used to remove residents from the Rosalie Home with their loved ones is disgraceful.

  “It is beyond comprehension that the report by Dr. Jim Anderson, a psychiatrist from the North of Ireland into the clinical assessments carried out on the then 12 residents of the Rosalie Home has been withheld from the residents and their loved ones.

  “The report which the HSE and the Government are using as the reason to close the Rosalie Home should be made available to every resident and their family and that should happen right now.

  “If the report concludes that the care of the residents would be better met elsewhere then why not provide the report to the families, unless there is something to hide.

  “It is beyond time that the HSE treated the residents of the Rosalie Home and their families with some ounce of respect. The withholding of this report is shameful and cannot be allowed to continue.

  “No family member would fight for their loved one to remain in the Rosalie Home if it was not the best place for them. That is the bottom line”.